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We regularly hold empowering and insightful classes and workshops for parents, caregivers and educators


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Inspire and empower parents or educators in your team with our bespoke talks and workshops. We’re passionate about raising a generation of kind and brave children, together.

Some of the topics we cover include: respectful caregiving, play and learning, communicating with children, discipline and boundaries. Browse our education catalogue for more.

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Shim Yi
We joined this class just expecting to have a safe space for our son to mix around with other kids especially during the Covid period. However, we managed to get a lot more out of the class for ourselves as parents as the discussion sessions with other parents allows us to reflect on our parenting methods and our true feelings about our approaches as well as how this compares to the methods of others. Highly recommended for parents eager to have a forum for discussion and those seeking for self exploration on their parenting styles. We also really enjoyed Justina's approach and our son was really keen to meet her every week.
Gentle, respectful , mindful parenting whatever you call it is slowly growing and just like a lot of things, reading and knowing is one thing but adapting it and practicing it in our daily life takes more then just the piece of knowledge we learn from social media hence I would highly recommend parents to enrol as it has definitely helped me in how I handle my toddler. The choice of words used and techniques applied while we sit back and watch how Justina handles different situations are values I use almost always and witness how beautifully it has changed my parenting journey. If I have the opportunity to enrol myself again I would totally do it!
it's a safe space for both caregiver and kid. There's no prejudice or judgment from anyone. Loving this learning space where all caregivers can learn from each other, and it's truly amazing to see the kids grow and learn every week.
Hwee Ching
Greatly recommend this class - it has made both my husband and I better parents in the sense that we understand our toddler better and can cater to his needs more effectively. The classes were fun not just for the kids but also for us, because you get to watch your child interact with other kids and at the same time learn how to manage different situations. It’s inexpensive compared to what you can learn from it, and we are so glad we did this.
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We’re on a mission to create a world where all children
receive the care they deserve right from the start.

Great childcare is not only the foundation for your child’s cognitive and socio-emotional development, it’s also the place

where deep relationships are formed and communities come together. Plus, knowing that your child is in good hands frees you to be fully present in other areas of your life.

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