Parents Testimonials

Sandra and Willy

Wonder Village has truly  been a blessing for our daughter and our family! We are happy to see that HM has found a place where she feels safe and respected. Though it’s only her second month at WV, we see that she has grown in several ways.

Physically she is provided with materials and tools to help her to develop both her gross and fine motor skills. Emotionally- she has started to show signs of learning how to regulate her own emotions. The caregiver provided HM with space to express her feelings, acknowledge them and supported her.

This was especially helpful during the first few weeks when we first started at WV. Today, HM settles quite quickly when she arrives at school and she is happy to see Ms C upon arrival! Socially- she is now more open and confident in interacting with people she is not familiar with.

It has been a joy to see how much HM has grown. We also appreciate the practices and values held by WV as it gives us the confidence that Hailey is in a safe environment and that we are aware of her daily activities, compared to traditional nurseries.

The work that WV does is so crucial in helping a child to grow holistically.

Amy and Joel

From a young age, we knew N was a kid who feels very deeply about things that happens around him and is very cautious by nature, taking his time in new environments.

Growing up in very typical Chinese families, we both knew, this could be a trait that might be frowned upon by many as he might get labeled as “difficult”, “picky”, “sensitive” and “shy”.

So began our search for a day care that would recognize his needs and we would be comfortable with the care that he would be receiving. That was when we found Wonder Village. They might not have had a track record, but we went through their IG content and after the interview session, we knew if the spot was open, we’d like to have N attend.

We appreciate how Carmen was a kind and patient presence as he learnt to adapt to his new routine and environment. As the weeks went by, he got more comfortable and his personality began to emerge again. 

It is a highlight for us to receive the written, photo and video updates of what N has done for the day. It’s amazing how much N learns through independent free play when he is not distracted by screens and other adults. One of the more exciting developments we’ve seen is his ability to understand and respect boundaries that are being set, and in turn learn to set boundaries with his younger peers. We’ve also seen him grow in his ability to understand his own emotions and attempt to self-regulate whenever he feels upset or uncomfortable.