Carmen’s Wonder Village

A RIE-inspired infant and toddler daycare in a quiet part of Bangsar, KL

Spaces available: 3

About this home :

My home is full of warmth, joy and exploration. When we’re not engaged in care tasks, most of the children’s time is spent in child led play. I believe in the innate curiosity of children and encourage them to explore freely while gently building on their observable interests. We also love getting outdoors as much as weather permits, and we have a small outdoor space that is perfect for water and messy play.

Special features :

  • I am trained in RIE Foundations, a respectful approach to infant and toddler care
  • I practice baby-led weaning (BLW) during mealtimes
  • Children are encouraged to express and process their emotions

Carmen’s Wonder Village

An educator at heart, I’ve always loved children and was a special needs teacher for years before I decided to use what I know about child development to work with families.

What families are saying...

Sandra and Willy

Wonder Village has truly been a blessing for our daughter and our family! We are happy to see that she has found a place where she feels safe and respected. The caregiver provides her with space to express her feelings, acknowledges them and supports her.
We also appreciate the practices and values held by Wonder Village as it gives us the confidence that she is in a safe environment and that we are aware of her daily activities, compared to traditional nurseries. The work that Wonder Village does is so crucial.

Amy and Joel

We appreciate how Carmen was a kind and patient presence as our son learned to adapt to his new routine and environment. It is a highlight for us to receive the written, photo and video updates of what he has done for the day.
It’s amazing how much he learns through independent free play when he is not distracted by screens and other adults. We’ve also seen him grow in his ability to understand his own emotions and attempt to self-regulate whenever he feels upset or uncomfortable.

How Wonder Village compares to other childcare options

Wonder Village
Nurseries / Daycare
Affordable rates
Checked, vetted & inspected at least once a year
Girl in a jacket
Girl in a jacket
Home based environment
Girl in a jacket
High standard of care that honours the child
Girl in a jacket
Low caregiver ratio with family-style relationship
Girl in a jacket

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