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Just like you, we know how much the early years matter. At Wonder Village, we’re on a mission to create a world where all children receive the care they deserve right from the start.

Great childcare is not only the foundation for your child’s cognitive and socio-emotional development, it’s also the place where deep relationships are formed and communities come together. Plus, knowing that your child is in good hands frees you to be fully present in other areas of your life. 

How Wonder Village compares to other childcare options

Wonder Village
Nurseries / Daycare
Affordable rates
Checked, vetted & inspected at least once a year
Home based environment
High standard of care that honours the child
Low caregiver ratio with family-style relationship

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What's different about childcare at Wonder Village?

Care as the curriculum

At Wonder Village homes, care is the main curriculum. The whole child is nurtured through full attention and opportunities to cooperate during caregiving activities such as diapering and mealtimes. This develops a deep attachment with the caregiver and helps children feel secure enough to explore freely. 

Learning through play

We truly believe in the power of play. Play is the language of learning and the way children make sense of themselves and the world. Our ethos, training, and resources equip Wonder Village caregivers to become experts at facilitating and observing play. They’ll regularly share updates on their observations with parents so that the learning becomes visible. 

reimagine childcare

We’re tired of the lack of childcare choices that truly honour children and fed up with a landscape that doesn’t value the important work of childcare providers. 

Wonder Village is daring to dream of a world that values childhood and we’re partnering with smart, passionate  educators who share our dream. They say it takes a village to raise a child.

Let’s build the village we all need, together. 

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